Joey Atlas Cellulite Routine

Published: 09th May 2011
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Who's Joey Atlas?

Joey was that fatty child back than, that everybody pointed at. Now, as a trainer, with masters degree in exercise physiology, he's not only the author of Fatness to Fitness, but also the editor and publisher of The Cellulite Reduction Report as well. He appeared on Channel 4 of WJKT once. Joey has his own personal philosophy when it comes to fitness and nutrition, and he now has for goal helping others to succeed as he did.

A Cellulite Reduction Routine

And here is how his program, the Cellulite Reduction Routine, was created. It's a message on his computer that he had from an old college friend, a woman who was already afflicted with cellulite than and was trying now to find a solution that started it all. She turned to Joey for help.

She was asking him if there was exercises out there able to get rid of the cellulite on her lower body. Well, it took Joey a little while to come up with an answer, he could barely sleep for two days eager to find an answer. Than he finally came out with his anti cellulite routine.

What Is It Exactly?

First, it is not a weight loss program. But, in a few words, it's a simple and easy to follow 22 minutes routine that can be performed at home. It was designed to focus on those particular areas where cellulite is found the most commonly.

It has videos to demonstrate how each movement has to be executed and not only picture to illustrate it, so that's a good thing. It's almost like having Joey with you as a personal trainer whenever you like. What this routine is doing is firming up these muscles right under these specific areas where cellulite is found.

You will probably feel sore after the first time of doing this workout proof that they really worked these specific areas. But note that, depending of a person physical condition - if there is back or knees problem, if the person think is too old or too out of shape - these movements can be modified.

But of course, it's always good to check with your doctor first.

What Are The Benefits?

Most of the women who had tried Joeys' program have reported encouraging results within 24 days. It's not me who`s saying this. You'll see it on Joeys' Cellulite Reduction Report.

In Conclusion

Cellulite is an issue for a big majority of women and what they will find, for those interested in Joeys' program, is a guy really concerned with those kind of problems always ready to find a answer - as well as an easy to follow program. To know more on Joey Atlas' program, visit:

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